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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Greatest High School Outfield of All-Time

By Ryan Maquiñana

(From right to left) Robinson, Flood, and Pinson roamed the McClymonds outfield once upon a time.

The greatest high school outfield ever came from Oakland in the form of the 1953 McClymonds Warriors. 

Between the trio of Frank Robinson, Curt Flood, and Vada Pinson, one will find 21 All-Star selections, nine Gold Gloves, four World Series rings, two League MVP Awards, and a mountain of accolades. 

En route to the Hall of Fame, Robinson broke the color barrier as major league baseball's first black manager. Flood made history when he brought a case to the Supreme Court that helped set the stage for free agency as we know it. Pinson, no slouch on his end, retired with almost 3,000 hits.

Under the tutelage of the legendary George Powles, both Mack baseball and basketball rose to prominence.  Did I mention Bill Russell played center for Warriors on the hardwood?

Sadly, the OAL is no longer the feeder conference to the majors it once was, but 60 years later, maybe the fields from Bushrod to McConnell are cultivating the talent of the next great superstar from "The Town."

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