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Friday, January 20, 2012

Rapid Reaction to Joel Diaz Jr. TKO7 Guy Robb

Bad stoppage by Vic Drakulich (what's new) spoiling what will surely be an early candidate for Fight of the Year!

Not a single moment do I remember sitting down at any point of the fight. When you're filled with suspense not knowing when the fight will end, it clearly has piqued your interest and has your entertainment meter buzzing.

Promoters, managers, and fighters take note. A loss on your record isn't the end of the world for your TV chances if you give the fans something they want.

A damn shame for people who don't have Showtime, because a fight like this is what would get you to love boxing again.

Either way, congrats to both Joel and Guy for taking us back to the glory days of the sport!

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